Wireless Connectivity Hands-on Training

25.10.2016 | Wolf-Ferrari-Haus Rathausplatz 2, 85521 Ottobrunn

Join Silicon Labs experts for a workshop geared to show how our Wireless Gecko SoCs, modules, software, and development tools can help your next design. The engaging training includes interactive demonstrations and hands-on labs.





Join us on October 25th in Munich, and learn:

  • What is unique about the Wireless Gecko? An overview on the guts of our latest gecko family.
  • Use Simplicity Studio to develop a BLE Sensor node that you keep
  • How does Wireless Gecko address four common challenges in wireless designs?
    • Low Energy. Optimize use of energy modes in software and debug tools.
    • Security. Use trusted libraries and hardware acceleration to keep up
    • Risk & Time-to-market. Certified modules and Proven reference designs can minimize both!
    • Multiple Protocol. How our proven ZigBee, Thread and BLE software works together

Attendence fee: €120,- incl. Thunderboard








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