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The HY-LINE Group offers innovative technologies at competitive pricing. Our customers get individual advice, application support and interesting products from manufacturers, that offer new technologies and are different than the rest.

Since being founded 30 years ago, HY-LINE uses a customer oriented company concept that respects the high innovation rate in electronics and the resulting need for application specific support.

The HY-LINE Group in Germany consists of four independent companies offering specialized product segments. Every company serves a special application segment with it's own application know how and it's own support team, product specialists and application and sales engineers:

HY-LINE Power Components GmbH

  • Power Supply Technology, Power Electronics, Control & Regulation, Passive Components

HY-LINE Computer Components GmbH

  • Display-Technology, Digital Signage, HDMI/USBLong Distance, Embedded Boards & Modules

HY-LINE Communication Products GmbH

  • Enocean - Energy Harvesting, NFC, RFID, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Smart/Smart ready, WLAN, WiFi, GNSS (GPS, Glonass, Galileo), LTE / LTE-A, GSM / GPRS / EDGE / UMTS / CDMA, HSPA / HSPA+, SRD`s (Sub GHz), Wireless M-Bus, 6 LoWPAN, DCF77, 802.15.4, ZigBee.
  • Markets: Healthcare & fitness, M2M, Security,  Automotive, Home automation, Smart Metering (AMR), Industrial measurement + control, Consumer, Navigation, Tracking, Medical

HY-LINE Systems GmbH

  • M2M & IoT system solutions, telecontrol and remote maintenance systems, telemedicine, tracking and tracing, vehicle fleet management, PAC/SPS systems, HMI and OPC software, industrial network technology, wireless systems, sensors and converters, development and production

Depevelopment support is much more than just presenting products. Often the advantage of a component is only seen when you take a view at the circuit as a whole. This needs application know how that we can supply.

We only select manufacturers that are specialists in their segment with unique know how. You will profit from this solution competence. We also look for synergies when selecting brands and products in our portfolio, so we will be able to offer you complete solutions for a lot of applications.

Company Central is based in Unterhaching / Munich, plus a branch office in Switzerland and sales offices all over Germany.

Stock location:
Unterhaching / Munich

Quality Management:
ISO 9001-certified


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