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Computer on Modules, Baseboards and Single Board Computers are used in a wide variety of industrial areas.

COMs have all the main functions of a x86-PC, but can be adjusted to specific customer requests. One option is the development of a customized board. HY-LINE also offers a wide range of baseboards that fit the COM form factor.

SBCs are off the shelf standard computer boards, available in different types and sizes – from boards the size of your palm to ATX Boards, which are ideal for server use.

White paper

COM Express Baseboard

COM Express Baseboard

Features und Vorteile des MB-COME-1L Baseboard

Computer on Module

COM Express, SMARC, DHCOM, QBoard, DIMMBoard

Single Board Computer

SBC in industry standard form factors


Baseboards in our COM form factors

Accessories & Service

Cooling, Memory, Chassis etc.

Mainboards für die Industrie: Fujitsu, Made in Germany

Industrielle Mainboards. Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX, ATX

HY-LINE: Industrielle Mainboards von Fujitsu – Made in Germany

Im Bereich der Mainboards sind wir mit unserem Partner Fujitsu sehr gut aufgestellt. Fujitsu Mainboards – Made in Germany – können vielseitig eingesetzt werden


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