Computer on Module

COM Express, SMARC, DHCOM, QBoard, DIMMBoard

Computer on Modules (COMs) are highly integrated CPU modules that simplify application-specific customer designs. The COM provides all basic functions while application-specific features will be executed via the carrier board. Both combined create a semi-custom embedded PC solution. They combine the advantages of a complete custom design (mechanical properties, integrating proprietary hardware functions) with the lower cost and the fast development cycle of a single-board computer.

COMs are the ideal solution for almost all applications in various markets like medical devices, automation, transportation, MAG (Military, Aerospace and Government), communication, POS / POI and infotainment.

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Intel® Atom™ SoC-Prozessoren auf SMARC

Intel® Atom™ SoC-Prozessoren auf SMARC

Vorteile von Intel® Atom™ SoC-Prozessoren auf SMARC

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