MOSFETs, GaN Switches

In a power supply as well as in power electronics most of the losses are created in the power switch. To minimize switching and conduction losses, topologies are constantly improved.  Depending on the application, different topologies are used:

Silicon based MOSFETs
This power electronics "work horse" is available for different voltages and currents. It's a proven technology at an interesting price.

GaN based HEMT (High Electron Mobility Transistor)
This new technology is especially useful for high switching frequencies. It has lower losses thus making smaller units and higher efficiency possible.

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GaN - HEMT: High Electron Mobility Transistor

High Electron Mobility Transistoren aus Gallium-Nitrid haben große technische Vorzüge.


3-Phasen Vollbrücken-Module auf MOSFET-Basis mit Sperrspannungen von 75, 100 oder 150 V bei Strömen von 100, 200 oder 300 A.


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