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  • Six winding, surface mount devices that offer more than 500 usable inductor or transformer configurations
  • High power density and low profile
  • Low radiated noise and tightly coupled windings
  • Power range from 1 Watt – 70 Watts
  • Frequency range to over 1MHz
  • 500 VAC Isolation
  • Ferrite core material

• Inductors: buck, boost, coupled, choke, filter, resonant, noise filtering, differential, forward, common mode
• Transformers: flyback, feed forward, push-pull, multiple output, inverter, step-up, step-down, gate drive, base drive, wide band, pulse, control, impedance, isolation, bridging, ringer, converter, auto

Environmental Data:
• Storage temperature range: -55°C to 125°C
• Operating ambient temperature range: -40°C to +85°C (range is application specific). The internal “hot spot” temperature defines the maximum allowable currents, which are limited to 130°C, including ambient
• Solder reflow temperature: +260°C max for 10 seconds max.

• Supplied in tape and reel packaging, 600 (VP01), 300 (VP02), and 200 (VP03) per reel
• Supplied in bulk packaging (VP04 and VP05)
• VP04 & VP05 tape and reel packaging available. Please contact factory for details

Versa-Pac Inductors and Transformers Datenblatt (PDF 0,5 MB)

Der Energie-Management-Anbieter Eaton hat im Jahr 2012 das 1833 gegründete Unternehmen Cooper Industries übernommen. Die Markennamen der eingeführten Cooper-Produkte Coiltronics, Powerstor, Cooper-Bussmann und Polysurg bleiben erhalten.


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