IAM - Input Attenuator Module

The IAM Input Attenuator Module is a component-level, DC input front-end filter designed to occupy minimum board space while providing maximum protection for today's sophisticated electrical systems. The IAM in combination with 24, 48 and 300 Vdc input modules, provides a highly-efficient, high-density power system with outputs from 1 – 95 Vdc and power up to 400 Watts (expandable to 800 Watts). Your system will benefit from the small size, efficiency and inherent reliability of Vicor's component-level converters, while meeting the toughest demands of telecommunications and industrial power applications.


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  • Hersteller
  • High surge withstand
  • Input polarity protection
  • Logic disable
  • Expansion output for arrays (up to 800W)




Der US-Hersteller VICOR liefert sehr leistungsfähige, robuste und flexible Module für Stromversorgungen.


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