RAM Ripple Attenuator Module

Ripple attenuator modules may be connected to VI-200 or VI-J00 converters, FlatPACs, ComPACs, or MegaMods, with output voltages from 5 – 50 Volts, to limit total output noise to less than 3 mV peak-to-peak at loads up to 20 Amps. Combining active and passive filtering, the RAM attenuates both low frequency input power source harmonics and high frequency switching components in the frequency range of DC to 20 MHz, while exhibiting efficiencies of 93 – 99%. No adjustments are required, and remote sense and output voltage trim features
are retained.

The RAM offers power systems architects a single, flexible, component-level solution to almost any clean power problem. It also eliminates the space, efficiency, and weight penalties associated with linear power sources, and the stability, efficiency, and adjustment penalties associated with external add on filters for conventional switchers.


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  • Reduces output ripple to <3 mV pp (VI-200)
  • Compatible with any VI-200 / VI-J00 based product with a 5 - 50 Vdc output
  • No adjustments required
  • Converter sense, trim, overvoltage and overcurrent retained




Der US-Hersteller VICOR liefert sehr leistungsfähige, robuste und flexible Module für Stromversorgungen.


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