Crossbow MIL-COTS DC-DC Power Supply

The Crossbow power supply is an environmentally and mechanically ruggedized switching power supply that combines the advantages of high power density and high temperature capability with user-selected isolated outputs. Accepting input voltages from 18 — 36 Vdc, the power supply can provide up to 1,200 Watts in a package size of 5.0”(H) x 7.0”(W) x 12.5”(L). The power supply can provide up to six isolated outputs and is factory configured to meet user requirements.


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  • Key features
  • Hersteller
  • 28 V input per MIL-STD-704E/F and MIL-STD-1275A/B/D, MIL-STD-901D compliance
  • Conducted emissions: MIL-STD-461E: CE101, CE102
  • Conducted susceptibility: MIL-STD-461E: CS101, CS114, CS115, and CS116
  • Transient Protection: Consistent with MIL-STD-704E/F and MIL-STD-1275 A/B/D (28 VDC).
  • Output voltages: 3.3, 5, 8, 12, 15, 24, 28, 36, and 48 VDC with variable trim of ±5%.
  • Forced air cooled with an internal fan, full power to 65°C
  • Input Soft Start for limiting inrush current and input reverse polarity protection
  • General Shutdown and individual slot disable
  • OCP, OVP & OTP on all outputs
  • Short circuit protection on all slots
  • Heavy-duty rugged enclosure designed for a high shock and vibration environment
  • Extra cooling provided for higher output with increased altitude capability
  • Automatic Remote Sense standard on all outputs.
  • Optional multi-unit parallel capability
  • Optional conformal coating: Allows 100% condensing humidity, salt atmosphere, and fungus environments



Der US-Hersteller VICOR liefert sehr leistungsfähige, robuste und flexible Module für Stromversorgungen.


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