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Opto 22 provides a full range of Power Series relays with a wide variety of voltage (120–575 volts) and current options (3–45 amps). All Power Series relays feature 4,000 volts of optical isolation and have a high PRV rating. Some Power Series relays include built-in LEDs to indicate operation.

DC Series
The DC Series delivers isolated DC control to large OEM customers worldwide.

AC Series The AC Series offers the ultimate in solid state reliability. All AC Power Series relays feature a built-in snubber and zero voltage turn on. Transient-proof models offer self protection for noisy electrical environments.

Opto Produktkatalog (PDF 0,6 MB)

OPTO22, Hersteller in den USA, ist seit seiner Entstehung 1974 zu einem in der ganzen Welt bekannten Begriff für Halbleiter-Relais geworden.

Durch die HY-LINE GmbH offeriert OPTO22 eine qualitativ hochwertige Produktpalette an Halbleiter-Relais, auch "Solid State Relais" genannt, exklusiv in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland.


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